e-espy2k12 events complete details


Date(2nd & 3rd of march)

Paper presentation:
Paper Presentation can be presented based on all dept topics of their choice.
  • Abstract must contain less than 200 words.
  • Participates should mail concerned papers & abstract to us on or before 29/2/2012.
  • Time duration for each presentation is limited to 10 min.
  • (Max no. of participants : 2)
Reg fee: Rs.200/paper

Poster presentation:
  • Max no. of participates: 2
  • (Poster size must be A2)
Reg fee: Rs100/poster


  • Avion{flying bot};

  • Terrain;

  • F1 race;

  • Soccer.
  • Max no. of participates:2 per team
  • (All varieties of bots are allowed)
  • Robotics Event

    Ø Level 1:F1 track

    Ø Level 2:Soccer track

    Ø Level 3:Terrain track

  • Reg fee: Rs 150/team (which includes all 3 levels).

  • Max 2 participants per team.

Reg fee: Rs150/team

Mini projects representations and Exhibition:
  • Max no. of participants:2
  • (Should mail concerned hard copy on or before 29/2/2012)
  • Power point presentations time limit is 10mins.
Reg fee: Rs.200/project

  • Topics on technical, non technical, current affairs, sports……
  • (2 members per team)
  • Participates should qualify in written test.
Reg fee: Rs.50/head

Debate & jam
  • Topic will be given on the day of fest
  • (Topics will be on Both Tech and non tech.)
Reg fee: 50Rs/head

Circuit design:
  • Circuit should be designed with in specified time
  • (Required components will be provided.)
Reg fee: Rs50/head

Non technical events:
  • Short movies;
  • Treasure hunt;
  • Mini foot ball;
  • Mini cricket;
  • Slow bi-cycle race(bi-cycles are provided);
  • Photography;
  • Junk yard.

And many more spot events……………………

  • Spot registration’s are available.
  • Prize money up to Rs.2000/- will be rewarded for each event.
  • College buses are provided for participants
  • All participants required to be in auditorium before 10am(on 2nd march)
  • lunch is provided for all participants.
  • flying bot participants should get registered before 29/2/2012

Visit us at: e-espy2k12.blogspot.in
Get registered at: eespy2k12@gmail.com
For any query call us: 9581902111;
8121761061; 8179862002;